Friends who first use of electrofishers may do not know how to install and use it,here we give the installation diagrams of the electric fishing machines which work on boat(such as LJ-8500VA Electrofisher),electrofishers work on back is with the same installation(such as SUSAN-735MP Electric Fishing Machine),it will help with the beginner to know how to electrofish.
electricity fisher

The output of electrofisher anode connected with net and cathode connected with wire which put in water; 
Plug in the hand or foot switch which we will provide with the electrofisher;

Connect the electrofisher to batter(12V or 24V),anode to anode and cathode to cathode;

Pressing electrofisher switch and than it can work(you can adjust the output power by the digital indicators on the electrofisher);

That is all the simple process for how to electrofish.

Make fishing net:
1.The ring of the net(which connect the red anode of the electrofisher) must use good conductivity conductors(Such as copper ring and aluminum ring but steel ring is not very good).
2.In normal circumstances,the diameter of the ring is about 20CM(it may decided by yourself depending on the size of the fishes),if too small the floating fishes can not go into the net, and if too big the inside fishes will easy to run out.

Making fishing probe:
1.The cable of the probe(which connect the black cathode of the electrofisher) must use good conductivity conductors with insulation outside(Such as copper or aluminum wire) and stripping about 50-90CM bare wire below into the water.


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